May 2011 Money Winners

Founder’s Domain Boot Camp

Every tech entrepreneur I know has a heap of domain names that have accreted over years and years of brain storms... followed by a bunch of $7.98 charges on the credit card.  Now what?  Most of them are probably relatively worthless... but maybe some aren't!  How do you figure it out?  What do you do once you know?  If you want to sell them, should [...]

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The March Event Rocked…

... and once I get the final table winner's photos I'll post the full recap. Until then, thanks to our terrific sponsors! Christensen O'connor Cannon Commercial TechDwellers

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Free Converse All Stars for the Winner

I know a guy who knows a guy at Dealometry and I talked him into giving away the Dealometry deal on Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars or free to the winner on Thursday.

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March 24th is TechStars Night at Poker 2.0

The March 24th Poker 2.0 event is going to be a special treat because we'll have Andy Sack and Kayla Roarke from TechStars on hand to share details and answer questions about the Fall 2011 program.  If you're already planning to apply for the Fall TechStars Seattle program then you probably already know that applications will be accepted beginning Monday, March 21st.  If you're not [...]

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February 2011 Event Recap

It took WAY too long to get around to recapping the February event so please accept my apologies.   Before I get to the recap, I want to th ank our very generous sponsors of the February event, TechDwellers, Blue Gecko, and Christensen O'connor Johnson Kindness.  Each is a terrific supporter of the startup community; please remember to thank them next time you see [...]

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January 2011 Event Recap

Poker 2.0 got off to a great start in 2011!  Special thanks to the event sponsors TechDwellers, Wilson Sonsini and WTIA. As always, the density of talented tech entrepreneurs was off the charts and fruitful relationships we're popping up left and right.  The highlights for the January event were: Our featured startup, CoCollage added a fun element to the event with one of [...]

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The Business Lessons of Poker

Turns out Tony Hseih, rock star founder of Zappos and author of Delivering Happiness, is also an accomplished poker player. Thanks to Poker 2.0 regular Tyler Philipi for turning me on to an extraordinarily insightful post by Tony last May about the business lessons he learned from his study and practice of poker.  He nailed it, and every Poker 2.0 player should read [...]

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Thaw the Seattle Freeze

Personally, I can't say I've ever experienced the "Seattle Freeze" -- the social disease that Seattlites are sometimes accused of suffering from in which we're super nice and friendly in a superficial way but virtually impossible to connect with at any deeper levels.   I've heard the aphorisms: "Have a nice day... somewhere else."   "Welcome to Seattle!... now leave."  But I can't say I've "suffered" [...]

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2011 Investor Challenge

2010 was  a banner year for Startup Poker 2.0.  The events were bigger, the pots were richer, the food was better, the venues rocked and the trash talk flowed.  In the three-year history of Startup Poker 2.0, the players and winners have run the gamut from guys in the garage to entrepreneurial super stars and from venture bankers to super angels to the titans of [...]

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