A note about membership: The mission of Startup Haven is to support startup founders pursuing venture-scalable companies. Because of the unique experience of venture-scale startup founders, we believe that the very best help these founders find will come from other experienced founders and investors. This is why Startup Haven strives to create a ‘quiet place’ that brings just them together to help each other; and this is why membership in Startup Haven is exclusively for founders of venture-scalable companies and investors who actively invest in those companies. If there is secret to Startup Haven’s longevity is it this: makes sure everyone in the room is on the same journey and that everyone is willing and able to give and receive help from everyone else in the room.

Founding Beliefs

Startup Haven is growing. As we grow we recognize that we have choices to make. These choices will determine the kind of organization we become. Our founding beliefs will drive everything we do.

  • Building a company is hard… ridiculously hard.
  • The venture-scale founder experience is different from all other founder experiences.
  • Entrepreneurship is fundamentally an egalitarian meritocracy.
  • The very best help for founders comes from other founders and investors.
  • The full potential of entrepreneurship can only be realized when we fully embrace diversity and inclusion.
  • Founders have no time for low-value interactions.
  • Available opportunities for building meaningful relationships with other founders suck.
  • An organization that is not financially sustainable cannot scale its impact.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of all founders and increase their probability for startup success by connecting them with education, opportunities and, especially, each other. We take “all founders” seriously and will support, defend and attempt to increase diversity and inclusion in everything we do.

We will fulfill our mission by creating a quiet space (high-signal, low-noise) where venture-scale founders are the focus of everything we do.

Our Vision

Entrepreneurship has grown exponentially around the country and around the world. Startup Haven’s impact increases every time we connect a new founder into our community. We will sustain and scale our impact by growing our community and by innovating on the ways we can add value to founders’ lives. We can’t be everywhere, but there’s nowhere we can’t be.