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It’s never been a harder to be a founder. We created Gap Gigs to help Startup Haven founders* make ends meet.

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Recent Special Guest Speakers

Jon Staenberg
Jon StaenbergInvestor, Founder, Hand of God Wine
Dave Lambert
Dave LambertCo-Founder, Right Side Capital
Rebecca Lovell
Rebecca LovellDirector, Create33 (and so much more)
Ben Narasin
Ben NarasinVenture Partner, New Enterprise Associates (NEA)
Kevin Dick
Kevin DickCo-founder, Right Side Capital
Lisa Nelson
Lisa NelsonManaging Director, M12 Venture Fund
Allan Grant
Allan GrantCo-Founder, CTO,
Grant Goodale
Grant GoodaleFounder, CTO, Convoy
Michelle Goldberg
Michelle GoldbergPartner, Ignition Partners
Andrew Dumont
Andrew DumontFounder, Curious Capital
Rand FIshkin
Rand FIshkinFounder, SparkToro
Jonathan Sposato
Jonathan SposatoSerial Founder, Angel Investor
Matt Oppenheimer
Matt OppenheimerFounder, CEO, Remitly
Greg Gottesman
Greg GottesmanCo-founder, Pioneer Square Labs
Heather Redman
Heather RedmanCo-founder, Managing Partner, Flying Fish Ventures
Jason Stoffer
Jason StofferPartner, Maveron Ventures
Chris DeVore
Chris DeVoreTechstars Director, Angel Investor
Gary Ritner
Gary RitnerFounder, Puget Sound Venture Fund
Nick Huzar
Nick HuzarCo-founder, CEO, OfferUp
Nick Huges
Nick HugesFounder, CEO, Founders Live
Phil Gordon
Phil GordonFounder, CEO, Chatbox
Richard Wood
Richard WoodManaging Partner, First Hill Partners
Geoff Entress
Geoff EntressManaging Director, Pioneer Square Labs
Martin Tobias
Martin TobiasVenture Capitalist, CEO, Bulletproof Labs

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