Of Founders, By Founders and For Founders

The greatest testament to the value, and values, of Startup Haven are the founders and investors who give generously of their time to support our mission.

Bob Crimmins
Bob CrimminsFounder, Chief Instigator
Bob is a serial entrepreneur. He founded Startup Haven as a passion project in 2006 to provide serious growth-startup founders with a quiet space to build real relationships.
Alexa Woodiwiss
Alexa WoodiwissDirector of Membership Programs
As director of Membership Programs, Alexa keeps the train on the tracks. Without her no-nonsense and detailed approach to organization and logistics… we’d be sunk.
Laura Kipp
Laura KippDirector of Operations
Laura is Startup Haven’s Director of Operations, and every venture is her new favorite. She loves supporting founders, especially within the effort to see venture capital become more accessible to founders of all kinds.
Phil Gordon
Phil GordonChief Poker Officer
Phil is an entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, author and retired professional poker player. Phil is currently founder and CEO of ChatBox.
Jonathan G. Blanco
Jonathan G. BlancoChapter Director, Seattle
Jonathan is a serial startup founder. Currently, he is founder and CEO of Token Forum, producer of the popular TF Blockchain Conference.
Daniel Marashlian
Daniel MarashlianChapter Director, San Diego
Daniel is the Co-Founder & CTO of Drata.
Kyle Newman
Kyle NewmanChapter Director, San Diego
Kyle is founder and CEO of Numis Global.
Owen Fowler
Owen FowlerChapter Director, NW Arkansas
Owen is founder and CEO of Plentiful Stays.
Will Hubbard
Will HubbardChapter Director, San Francisco & Silicon Valley
Will is the founder of ChemiSense. In his spare time, he loves to talk tech, travel, and produce music.
Ravi Vangapalli
Ravi VangapalliSan Francisco, Chapter Director
Ravi is a 3x serial entrepreneur who is focused on Capital Markets, CyberSecurity, Insurance and Electricity Markets. Currently working on his 4th startup which is in stealth mode.
Josh Carter
Josh CarterChapter Director, Portland
Josh is an experienced founder and currently serves as program manager for the WeWork Labs accelerator program.
Ben Parish
Ben ParishChapter Director, Portland
Ben is cofounder of Upstart Collective.
John Kent
John KentChapter Director, Los Angeles
John is founder and CEO of LotStocks, a marketplace that helps retailers discover and try name brand products risk-free.

John Sechrest
John SechrestSeattle Ambassador
John is the founder of the Seattle Angel Conference, Co-Organizer of the Lean Startup Seattle and a Global Facilitator for Startup Weekend. John organizes our Geeks on a Trail walks.
Marty Ringlein
Marty RingleinChapter Director, New York
Marty is is a serial founder and investor, currently cooking up something new.
Rajesh Iyengar
Rajesh IyengarChapter Director, Motor City
Rajesh is founder and CEO of Lincode Labs.

Startup Haven Emeritus

Directors & Ambassadors

Thank you to everyone who helped us get where we are now. We couldn’t have done it with you!

Amanda Szabo
Amanda Szabo Chapter Director, Los Angeles
Amanda is founder and CEO of ResortPass, providing “day pass” access to pool, spa and other amenities at luxury hotels.
Jake Christensen
Jake ChristensenChapter Director, Portland
Jake is co-founder and CTO at FasterBids (acquired by Home Depot.)
Emily Rotolo
Emily RotoloChapter Director, San Diego
Emily is a serial entrepreneur and currently founder and CEO at SimpleForms
Eugene Otto
Eugene Otto Chapter Director, Silicon Valley
Eugene is co-founder and CTO of Shift Payments and YC alumni.
Christa King
Christa KingChapter Director, Portland
Christa is founder and CEO of Fitlandia.
Ariya Hemati
Ariya HematiChapter Director, San Francisco
Ariya advises both startups and investors in and around San Francisco.
Bryan Hall
Bryan HallSan Diego Ambassador
Bryan is Co-Founder and CTO at Embarke (acquired by Seismic Software).
Andy Sparks
Andy SparksFounding San Francisco Ambassador
When I first met Andy, I immediately was taken in by his quick wit, natural curiosity and ever-present smile. A rare combination of thinker and doer, you would be fortunate to have Andy on your team or at your table.

Thank you, Andy.

Rob Capogna
Rob CapognaSeattle Ambassador
Rob is a serial startup founder and international traveler. He is adjunct host of Seattle Startup Haven events and has his bag packed in case any other cities need help hosting.
Brandon Cannady
Brandon CannadyPortland Ambassador
Brandon is a Serial Entrepreneur with a passion for community and a love for Poker. Additionally, Brandon writes for his publication #Startupfood as well as hosts monthly meetups with his group 5-9PDX.
Tyler Phillipi
Tyler PhillipiFounding Portland Ambassador
Tyler was the spark that set the engine of growth in motion for Startup Haven. All those years ago, when Tyler moved from Seattle to Portland, he recognized the value that Startup Haven could bring to founder community everywhere. Without his vision and dedication to the Portland startup community, there’s no telling when (or even if) Startup Haven would have fledged outside of Seattle.

Thank you, Tyler.

Danielle Morrill
Danielle MorrillFounding San Francisco Ambassador
I recently described Danielle to a VC as being “great at poker.” He responded that “Danelle is great at a lot of things.” I think that sums it up pretty well. One of the things she is great at is being a kind and generous person. Danielle’s help made all the difference in the world and ensured that Startup Haven would get off on the right foot in San Francisco.

Thank you, Danielle.