Mansour Masoudi helms Emissol, a company developing innovative ‘clean air’ solutions. He shares a glimpse into his experiences, challenges, and perspectives as an entrepreneur.

Mansour Masoudi‘s startup stands at the forefront of creating a low-carbon era. Funded by several non-dilutive SBIR awards, the company is inventing groundbreaking ‘clean air’ technologies. These award-winning solutions have been rigorously tested by major global players.

Journey & Motivation

Mansour left the corporate realm to seek greater challenges and infuse passion into his work. “I was searching for a purpose-driven life, day in and day out,” he says. His transition wasn’t just about fulfilling a personal dream, but about pushing inventions “to the borderline of breaking thermodynamic laws.”

Achievements & Learning

Mansour considers the non-dilutive SBIR awards to be the startup’s pinnacle of success. “With these awards, we’re actively seeking investors to move towards industry demos and commercialization.”

However, the journey hasn’t been without its lessons. One significant realization was the importance of early marketing strategy. “Being too engineer-focused led us to believe that if the technology is right, the industry will come to us. We’re now correcting that misconception.”

Challenges as a Founder

Leading a startup comes with its own set of challenges. For Mansour, the continuous stress, the quest for annual funding, and ensuring a synergized team stand out. External factors, like market shifts and global challenges like the pandemic, are additional obstacles.

Background & Alternatives

Before his startup, Mansour worked for four major international corporations. What would be his alternate life path?

“More meditations, more innovations, more nature, more books, less corporate inclinations.”

Guidance for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Mansour‘s advice to founders at early stages is straightforward: “First, hire your sales and marketing team, formulating your product market potentials. Next, hire your engineers. Not the other way around.”

Value of Community

While Mansour‘s engagement with Startup Haven is relatively recent, he says he already recognizes its value. “The importance of connection and shared experiences is evident. Your network is your Net Worth” he says, emphasizing the significance of a supportive community along the highly risky entrepreneurial journey.

Mansour’s insights from the trenches of startup life cut through the noise and shed light on navigating this new frontier.