For Startups

No two venture-scale startups are alike. But there are patterns and what’s true of all of them is that they traverse through series of stages.

At each stage, new challenges — build the product, sell the product, raise capital, grow the team, lather, rinse, repeat. And the clock is ticking.

All along the way what feels like a hundred-million unforeseen setbacks — code fails, customers leave, investors balk, competitors enter, co-founders battle, payroll is missed, a pandemic descends.

Good stuff happens to. Plenty of it — your code works!, the customer signed!, the investor wired the cash!, you beat the competitor!, your co-founder is amazing!, everyone gets a bonus!, your product helps everyone work better from home!

The highs are really high and the lows can be really low. Risk and uncertainty abounds. So does passion and joy and pride. That’s the roller coaster ride that venture-scale founders sign up for.