Seattle Test

Seattle, September 2013 Event Recap

Tonight was remarkable for several reasons. First, we had more first-time players than we've had at one event in a long while.  By show of hands, I'd estimate at least 25% of the crowd.  New players means more new relationships... and that's what Startup Poker 2.0 is all about. Second, [...]

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Seattle, August 2013 Event Recap

First off, kudos to the great crowd that suffered through hellish Mariners traffic and sacrificed one of the few remaining sunny summer evenings to mix it up at the tables at SURF Incubator.  We ended up a bit lighter on players than usual but I gotta say the player announcements at [...]

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Seattle, July 2013 Event Recap

Last night was crazy fun.  We had a packed house at the fabulous SURF Incubator and there were lots of new faces. We also experimented with the MVP of a new buyin structure that let the big dogs wrestle with each other without getting slobber all over the rest of [...]

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Seattle, April 2013 Event Recap

This was a double-header month for Poker 2.0.  In addition to the regular monthly event, we also hosted a special event exclusively for the Windows Azure/TechStars Accelerator program.   Both happened in the Easy and both were a blast. Our sponsors for the regular event were Windows Azure and Turnstone furniture.  [...]

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Seattle, March 2013 Event Recap

Our host this month was The Makers Space, the beautiful co-working space in Belltown. Hands down the winner for coolest interior of all the co-working spaces. Since everyone has to come to me to get their rebuys, I get to hear all the stories of suck outs and bad beats.  [...]

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Poker 2.0 Celebrates TechStars

Last night was special.  Poker 2.o teamed up with TechStars, Red Russak and to help celebrate this year's TechStars teams with a blowout Demo Day After Party. As a TechStars mentor myself, it's was honor to help celebrate the success of the TechStars teams.  It was also gratifying to [...]

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