Poker 2.0 @ Founders Co-Op

This month Poker 2.0 is headed to the new center of the startup universe in Seattle: "The Easy" at the Founders Co-op.  The speakeasy-style space is a perfect fit for Poker 2.0 and the South Lake Union location is terrific for the players.  Huge thanks to Andy Sack for his support. Huge thanks also to this month's sponsors, the WTIA and Amazon Web Services. Watch [...]

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Silicon Forest/Silicon Valley Poker Summit in the Works!

Details are still sketchy but the long awaited Silicon Poker 2.0 Summit is taking shape.  Target date is Spring 2011.  Needless to say, bragging rights and a huge trophy will be at stake for the winning starup community... not to mention some tidy cash award for the individual winners.  The magnanimous side of me wants to host the first one in the away-team's back yard, [...]

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Poker 2.0 at “The Easy” (aka, TechStars HQ)

Poker 2.0 has the honor of hosting the inaugural TechStars Seattle poker shootout tonight at the TechStars Seattle offices, affectionately nicknamed "the Easy."  The vibe over here at TechStars is terrific --  it's enough to make any serial entrepreneur want to get fired from whatever they're doing and start another company.  The players tonight will be the TechStars teams and mentors, i.e., the highest concentration [...]

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Poker 2.0 is on Summer Vacation

It's been a terrific year so far for Poker 2.0 and the Fall will be equally fierce.   Watch your inbox for the September event invite along with a couple of fun announcements as well.

Blue Box Group Rocked it in June

I know I say this a lot but it's always true -- that last Poker 2.0 event was the best!  Event sponsor, Blue Box Group, shared their offices and rolled out the red carpet for three full tables of Seattle's best and brightest from among the Seattle startup community.  What made this event so memorable? Rebecca Lovell, NWEN Director and newby poker temptress made it [...]

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Poker 2.0 does the Seattle 2.0 Awards

The May Poker 2.0 event was a special pre-event function in conjunction with the Seattle 2.0 Awards show.   Unlike the regular monthly games, we pulled out all the stops for this one, including real poker tables, professional poker dealers (replete with white shirts and black vests), awesome trophies and prizes and first-class catering.  I love the energy of these full-tilt events (no pun) and look [...]

April is Newbies Month at Poker 2.0

The most common reason that startup folks tell me they don't want to come to Poker 2.0 is that they aren't good poker players... or that they haven't even played before.  Once I explain to them that no experience is required, the next response is something like "oh, sure... you'd love me to come so you take all my money!"  Then I explain that Poker [...]

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February 2010 Founders Event

Date: Tuesday, February 23 Time: 5:30 pm To request an invitation, send your name, company and role to bob.crimming {at} gmail {dot} com

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January 2010 Founders Event

Thanks to everyone who played for making it a terrific night. Sorry for the cozy venue -- we'll have the big room next month.  Thanks also to our sponsors for the generous support. Jeff and the guys at Pacific Real Estate Partners really stepped up with the cash prizes and Kristin from Brown-Forman did a great job on the bourbon flight tasting. In case you [...]

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Poker 2.0 hits the Valley for Web 2.0

We teamed up with Myles Weissleder,  SFNEWTECH and Startup Weekend to host the most audacious Poker 2.0 to date.  As a Web 2.0 Conference pre-event, the place was packed with a whos-who of the Valley tech and investment capital worlds.  And what a place it was!  Kelly Porter of Woodside Capital Partners generously made is palatial, 30,000 square foot home available for an awesome night [...]

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