Startup Haven strives to improve founder success by connecting startup founders with education, opportunities and (most importantly) each other.  We take our commitment to founders seriously and most of our events and activities are exclusively for serious startup founders, execs and investors.

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Startup Poker 2.0

Many of the best things that happen for startup founder come from people they know, so building a high-quality network can be powerful. But traditional networking events are ofter a terrible waste of time. Startup Poker 2.0 brings serious founders together to build valuable relationships with their peers.


Geeks On A Trail

The life of an entrepreneur can be sedentary, stressful and isolated. Walking regularly with colleagues is a healthy and productive activity.  Geeks on a Trail provides a regular opportunity for the founder community to look after their health while they look after there startup.  


Founder To Founder Forum

The challenges and experiences that face founder are unique.  Startup Haven believes that no one is better suited understand and support founders than other founders.  The Founder To Founder Forum is a resource for our members to make asks and offers among our member community.

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