Office Hours – What to Expect

* We are in Beta!

  1. Request access now:
  • [email protected] (Links to form Email.)
  • You will receive Email notification of access. 

All members may request access during Beta. Afterwards limited to Levels 1 & 2.

    2. Book an appointment:

Go to

  • Drop Down: Select Program> Select Topic>Select Advisor
  • Select from advisor’s available Time Slots
  • Fill out Information. Under “Notes,” include your questions or topics for advisor.
  • Agree to Terms of Service>Click “Next”>You’re All Set!

Please save Zoom link for easy access (in the first calendar invite!)

     3. You’ll Receive:

  • (Immediate) Email confirmation, calendar & Zoom links.
  • (Evening Before Appointment) SMS Reminder and Email reminder

     4. Day of appointment:

  • Take a moment to prepare for your Zoom session and have the link handy.
  • Review what you hope to discuss with your advisor. Good luck!

Need to Cancel or View Appointments? Refer to “Your Bookings” tab here:

Further Information

Cancelation: If your advisor must cancel, you will receive an Email notification.

Interested in being a Startup Haven Advisor? Thank you for your willingness to volunteer time!

1) Please fill out this brief form 2) Stay tuned for our follow-up!

  1. Login @

(Visible after access granted)

      2. Set your Available Time 

      During Available Time, members may book half-hour meetings with you.

      Select recurring time (week/monthly) or special time (no set schedule.) 

      (Required) Please block your personal calendar to assure your availability.


Please save Zoom link for easy access (in the first calendar invite!)

You’ll Receive…


  1. Email Confirmation 


      Calendar & Zoom links

      Questions/topics from member

       2. SMS notification 

      Day before: 

      1. SMS Notification

      Appointment has been confirmed

      Contains meeting agenda

     2. Email 

      Contains agenda for following day’s booked sessions

     3. Day of appointment: 

     Ready yourself with the Zoom link and review the member’s discussion details. Thank you!

Further Information

How to Reject/Cancel: 

*Please do not delete the calendar item

Member Cancels? You will receive an Email notification.