Startup Haven Member-to-Member Program Rules

Startup Haven’s core mission: founders helping founders.

The Member to Member Program provides a way for every Startup Haven member to scale their personal impact by formally offering other members the use of their startup’s product or service at the friendliest terms possible. Of course, while you’re helping other founders, you startup is also getting visibility among the entire Startup Haven member community.

Note that Startup Haven doesn’t receive any remuneration of any kind, neither from the founders making the offers nor from the startups taking advantage of the offers. But there are some rules.

The rules:

  • If you can give your product/service away for free, that’s outstanding. But free is not required and it’s not necessary that you lose money either. But the offer you make should be the best offer you can justify. This is for your startup colleagues.
  • The offer cannot be generally available to the public. We use the five minute rule here, i.e., if a similar offer/promo/discount can be found in five minutes of Goggling… then it’s not a qualified offer. If your product/service/offer isn’t available online, then the question is whether the offer could be gotten through another channel, e.g., through a co-working space, a meetup group, etc.
  • All offers must be submitted for approval before they will be promoted as part of the Member Advantage program.
  • Your offer must be made to Startup Haven members only. As such, validation of Startup Haven membership must be a requirement to use your offer. We will work with you to provide the simplest means possible to validate membership.
  • Because of Startup Haven non-solicitation rules, if your startup is a services-based business for which startups are a key customer demographic, then you may not be qualified to make a Member to Member offer. No consulting or advisory services are permitted.
  • If your offer doesn’t scale (either because it’s just too expensive or your capacity to deliver is constrained), we will try to accommodate your offer though our Partner Advantage program.

If you are good with rules, then use this form to get the ball rolling on your offer to other members.