GroundWork is a pre-seed accelerator supporting venture-scale startups at the crossroads of growth — i.e., a product live, in production with the earliest signs of revenue. For companies at this stage, what’s next is growth and scale. But a clock is ticking and startups at this stage have a shelf life — time is always the enemy of startups but never more so than at this stage.

What’s needed is a cogent growth plan that the existing team can execute with the time and resources they have. Cogency is a high bar and it’s what GroundWork is all about.

Traditional Accelerator
Stuff We Do

  • Rigorous Screening
  • World-class Mentorship
  • Focused Curriculum
  • Support Network
  • Accountability

Traditional Accelerator
Stuff We Don’t Do

  • Seasonality
  • Time Boxed
  • Relocation
  • Co-working

Interested in Joining GroundWork

If you are Startup Haven member (or willing to become one) and would like to learn more about the GroundWork Accelerator program, you can learn every you need to know on the GroundWork Program Information page.

Recent GroundWork Teams

We could not be more pleased by the strength of the inaugural GroundWork cohort. All are B2B, SaaS companies with strong teams, compelling customer stories, initial customer revenue and great market opportunities.