Geeks on a Trail was born in 2011 as the result of the sobering realization that the entrepreneur lifestyle can take a serious toll on an entrepreneurs life.  That realization inspired a movement… namely the movement of entrepreneurs to take regular 3 – 6 mile walks.  Since that time, Seattle entrepreneurs have logged more than 2,000 miles of highly-productive walking — more than the distance from Seattle to Silicon Valley and back. With the help and inspiration of John Sechrest, director of Seattle Angel Conference, GOAT is growing.

Top 10 Things to do on a GOAT walk:

  1. Schedule a phone call.
  2. Schedule a walking meeting.
  3. Catch up on email and voice mail.
  4. Review your to-do list… and so some.
  5. Clear your head and shed some stress.
  6. Meet new like-minded startup types.
  7. Per 6, practice your pitch.
  8. Per 6, brainstorm and solve a problem.
  9. Burn 400 – 650 calories.
  10. Lower your blood pressure.

See you on the trail!