Founders DinnerFoundersDinner

You gotta eat. And we’re buying.

If your serious about your startup or investing in startups, you don’t have time for trivial networking events. They’re a waste of your time. But, hey, you gotta eat. Every month, Startup Haven buys dinner and drinks for hundreds of entrepreneurs and investors. That’s right… all you can eat and drink all for free. Why do we do it? Because it works. When you bring great people together (i.e. serious entrepreneurs and investors), feed them and put a beverage in their hands remarkable things happen.

As dinner wraps up, everyone in the room gets the opportunity to make a very brief announcement and/or make an ask or make an offer. It’s a rare thing to be in a room full of high quality founders and investors and have the chance to get the word out about what you’re working on, what you’re looking for, or (our favorite) what you can do to help others.

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