The Startup Haven Value Proposition

Skip the diatribe, I’m ready to go.

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Think Networking Groups are a Waste of Time? We get that.

If you’re a serious, venture-scale startup founder, exec or investor, you don’t have time for… well, anything really. Time is precious and spending your own time on unfocused networking groups and events often turns out to be a waste of that time. Startup Haven is not a networking group and our prime directive is to never waste anyone’s time.

Sorry, Members Only

Open and inclusive groups and events serve an essential purpose in building and supporting startup community — just not OUR purpose. We can only achieve our mission of supporting venture-scale startup founders by ensuring that all Startup Haven members are serious growth-oriented startup founders, execs and investors. Every new member must undergo a simple but thorough application and approval process.

What’s in it For YOU?

Many of the best things that happen for early stage companies will come from people they know. Which people are most likely to be helpful? Hands down, other founders, execs and investors. When you join Startup Haven you become part of a nexus of serious startup practitioners who “get” what you’re doing… and what you’re up against.

Already ‘been there, done that?’ Then this may be your chance to give back in a productive way.

Let’s sum it up…

There are lots of so-called ‘founder groups’ out there. Here’s how we’re different from the ones you don’t have time for and similar to the ones you respect:

  1. Everyone must apply for membership and everyone gets vetted to be a serious growth-oriented startup founder, exec or investor.
  2. No service providers are allowed to join Startup Haven or attend our events, except a very small number of selected sponsors, all of whom must agree to a strict code of conduct that prohibits ‘prospecting’.
  3. We don’t charge founders to join or attend our events — we’re here to support founders, not to get paid by them.
  4. Startup Haven is local… and beyond. All members are encouraged to connect with their fellow members both in their local chapter as well as in our chapters in other cities.

To sum up: high signal, low noise.

The diatribe worked. I’m ready to go.

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