Startup Haven is growing and our Chapter Director program is evolving. Like a startup, we’ll make changes based on what we learn.

The Chapter Director Role

The startup ecosystem in every city is unique. Startup Haven depends on the knowledge, insights and passions of local Chapter Director who are actively engaged in their local startup community. If you identify

  • History of deep involvement as a founder, exec or investor
    • do you truly understand the startup experience?
  • Passion for startup community development
    • do you care about making an impact?
  • Demonstrated ability to network effectively
    • can you work a room?
  • Speaking or event hosting experience
    • can you own the room?

Chapter Director Benefits

As a Startup Haven Chapter Director, you will be the cornerstone of a growing community of entrepreneurs and investors in your city. As Startup Haven’s local go-to gal or guy, there’s a little something in for you.

  • You’re network among founders and investors will be put on steroids.
    • Every Startup Haven member in your city will know who you are and will have a reason to connect with you.
  • You will have a blast.
    • Everything we do, and everyone we do it with, is fun and/or interesting.
  • You’ll be a real contributor to the success of entrepreneurs and the startup community in your city.
    • If you don’t value this, then you may be in the wrong place.


Most Startup Haven Chapter Director are actively involved in their startup community, often as an active startup founder, exec or investor. So they’re busy. We do everything we can to make the role of Chapter Director as easy and efficient as possible. We have a logistics team to make sure all the nitty gritty event details like catering, equipment rentals, name badges, venue coordination, etc.  Here’s what you can expect for your part.

  • Up to 1 hour each week to help build membership
    • Write some emails, send some LinkedIn messages, attend some other founder-oriented events.
  • 60 minute check-in call each month
    • This keeps us all moving in the same direction.
  • One afternoon + evening each month to run an event 
    • Setup tables/chairs, food, ice for the beer, count out the chips, etc.
  • Assume to double up on this time commitment during the fist three months while you’re learning.
    • It’s not rocket science, but there are a non-trivial number of moving parts.
  • Finding great Chapter Director isn’t easy and it takes time and effort on everyone’s part to come up to speed.
    • So we ask for a minimum one-year commitment.
  • Represent Startup Haven with integrity
    • As the face (and the life blood) of Startup Haven, all Chapter Directors expected to uphold the purpose and mission of Startup Haven and to always act in a kind, professional and helpful manner.
    • As a trusted facilitator for Startup Haven and it’s members, Chapter Directors are expected never to use Startup Haven events or special access to Startup Haven members for their own benefit or the benefit of any other individual or organization.


Our training program is evolving, but here’s roughly what you can expect as you learn the Chapter Director role.

  • Attend at least three events as a participant
  • Co-host a training event with an experienced Startup Haven host
  • Lead-host two events with an experienced Startup Haven host on hand