Event Recap: San Diego, November 2018

This month's game was early this month! Held by Zipdev over at DeskHub, and it’s quickly becoming a favorite location with over 25 people signing and 17 playing poker! We love having you come for drinks and dinner so even if the game itself isn’t your thing the people and conversation are the real reason [...]

December 31st, 2018|

Event Recap: San Diego, October 2018

We missed a lot of you this month at Founders Poker, but a committed bunch made the trek up to Carlsbad for a North County game. We host a game in North County once a quarter to ensure we are including the entire community. If you're in the downtown area we highly suggest finding some [...]

November 5th, 2018|

Event Recap: San Diego, September 2018

Big thanks to Downtown Works for Hosting us this month and for Morgan joining in on the fun, and learning she loves poker! We had some new comers this month that took first and second — We are telling you—beginners luck is a thing!! So stop saying “you don’t know how to play” we are a [...]

September 19th, 2018|

Event Recap: San Diego, August 2018

Poker was hosted this month at the lovely Hera Hub in Sorrento Valley with special guest Silvia Mah! I think we all walked away from last night wondering just how does Silvia do everything she does. San Diego and the world is so lucky to have individuals like her, from angel investing, proving her father [...]

August 9th, 2018|

Event Recap: San Diego, July 2018

It’s the final table and it’s down to the final 3. “How many hands are left to go, is this my one?” you think to yourself. You decide to play, not a great hand but winnable, you don’t have many chips left, should I go all in this hand? The Flop leaves you with a [...]

July 16th, 2018|

Event Recap: San Diego, June 2018

This month we were back at the Vine! They moved to UTC and are located equally inconveniently for both North County and Downtown founders, however, it’s worth it. The Vine has a tremendous space for founders both for poker or to work out of! We were lucky to have one of the top accelerators in [...]

June 19th, 2018|