Vouch Pro Rata Program:
The purpose of the Vouch Pro Rata campaign is to encourage members to vouch for more candidates more often. Our thesis is that this portfolio approach to incentives will leverage a network effect that is good for the entire Startup Haven community — both members who vouch and members who are hiring.
How it Works:
When a Startup Haven member vouches for a candidate, that member is entitled to a 15% share of the recruiting revenue if/when their candidate gets hired. This is how the basic Vouch incentive program normally works.
With the Pro Rata campaign, all vouched-for candidates become part of a weekly cohort of vouches based on the date that the candidate completes their profile, i.e., the date that the candidate completes their Vouch profile, uploads their resume and opts in to be visible to employers.
Whenever any candidate in a given weekly cohort gets hired (at any time in the future), all of the members who also submitted candidates in the same week will receive a pro rata share of an additional 10% of the recruiting fee.

For example, if there are 6 candidates in the cohort, then the member who vouched for the hired candidate receives a 15% share of the recruiting fee and the members who vouched for the other 5 candidates would be entitled to a 1/5 pro rata share of an additional 10% of the recruiting fee. If a single member vouched for two of the five candidates in the cohort, that member would be entitled to 2/5 of the 10%, i.e., 2% of the total recruiting fee received.

The implication of this campaign for the current example is that, even if a member’s candidate does not ever get hired but all five of the other candidates do get hired, the member would still receive a pro rata share of all of the other candidates.


In order for a member to be eligible for a pro rata share, the member’s vouched-for candidate’s profile must be active, complete and visible at the time a cohort hire is made. If a candidate becomes unavailable for any reason (including being hired through Vouch), the member who vouched for the candidate becomes ineligible for a pro rata share based on the candidate.

In all cases, the member who vouched for the hired candidate may only receive 15%. As such, if only one member vouches for a candidate(s) in a given week, then no pro rata share will be awarded for that cohort.

It is possible to “game” this program by vouching for candidates who are not sincerely interested in finding a new position, by vouching for sub-par candidates or even by making up fictitious candidates. By it’s nature, the Vouch program is fueled by integrity and so members are expected to act in good faith. If a member is determined to be acting in bad faith, the member will be banned from the Vouch program and possibly from Startup Haven if the offense is egregious.

The Pro Rata program is experimental and is subject to change over time. However, a good faith effort will be made to honor the terms of the program at the time each candidate is vouched for.