Founder to Founder Posting Guidelines: High Signal, Low Noise

In addition to the following guidelines, all posts on Founder to Founder Forum (F2F) must conform to the general Startup Haven Code of Conduct.

Keep it Relevant to Founders

  • Be brief. Founders are busy. Don’t waist their time.
  • If not highly relevant and valuable to founders, don’t post it.
  • If it would be appropriate to post something in an open forum (i.e., Quora), then consider posting it there instead of F2F.
  • F2F is private and confidential. Get explicit permission before sharing anything you see here.
  • All content and conduct on F2F is expected to conform with the Startup Haven Code of Conduct.

NO Self Promotion

  • Startup Haven and F2F is not a platform for building your personal brand. And, humble brags are really just brags.

NO Trivialities

  • We are all happy that your kids volleyball team won the championship and that you had a great kitesurfing trip to South Africa, but F2F is not the place to share your photos.

NO Sales or Marketing

  • If your product of service is of value to startups, do NOT use Startup Haven or F2F as a sales or marketing channel. Offering your product or service to members for free or at a ridiculously low cost is a fine idea. What counts as “ridiculously low?” Well, if you are not loosing money on it or if you have ever offered a lower cost or better terms to anyone else, ever, then it’s probably not “ridiculously low.” Do not treat Startup Haven members as “your market.”

NO Menial Labor

  • Don’t ask busy founders for feedback on your new UI, for  or to up-vote you on Product Hunt.

NO Opinions

  • Unless you’re asked AND then only if it’s highly relevant to founder success.

NO Politics, NO Religion

  • You know the drill.