The Portfolio

The Team

Bob Crimmins
Bob CrimminsManaging Partner
Jay Westerdal
Jay WesterdalSr. Venture Partner
Arry Yu
Arry YuVenture Partner
Claudius Mbemba
Claudius MbembaInvestment Director

The Philosophy

Startup Haven Ventures is a pre-seed venture fund investing both directly and through the Startup Haven Accelerator.

Who We Are

  • We are a team of experienced, no-nonsense startup founders and operators.
  • We understand the startup experience because we all have lived it.
  • We want you to succeed, even if we can’t invest.

What We Invest In

  • First and foremost, we invest in founders with vision, passion and discipline.
  • We invest in capital-efficient business models that can make material progress with limited resources.
  • We invest in teams who have built something and who have achieved some early element(s) of commercialization.
  • We invest in founders who can tell a cogent story about how they can use our capital to achieve their next, right strategic milestone.

How We Add Value

  • Our team is comprised of experienced founders who have mentored, advised and invested in hundreds of venture-scale startup founders.
  • Like other great “first check” venture teams, we mentor, advise and connect. As founders ourselves, we can also relate, console and kvetch.
  • We leverage the Startup Haven ecosystem network of more than 2,000 vetted venture-scale founders and investors to connect our founders with what they need.

What We Believe

  • We believe that great ideas, hard work, persistence, gumption and grit are absolutely necessary… and utterly insufficient.
  • We believe that discipline, math and cogency are superpowers.
  • We believe that capital is the fuel, not the solution.
  • We believe that most of the very best things that happen for early startups come from people they know and other experienced founders are the best people to know.

Startup Haven Fund

  • The Startup Haven Fund invests at the crossroads of growth, at the earliest stages of commercialization, where passion and discipline collide.
  • Startup Haven Fund writes checks from $50K to $300K
  • We write first checks into first rounds of $500K or less. (Rare exceptions up to $1M rounds.)
  • We ascribe valuations from $1M – $3M. (Rare exceptions up to $5M with meaningful traction.)
  • Our diligence process leverages the GroundWork Growth Methodology to asses the impact our capital can have.
  • We’ll also ask you to complete a diligence questionnaire and to provide some common diligence documentation.

Startup Haven Accelerator

  • We principally invest through the Startup Haven Accelerator, a unique and rigorous 3-month program that leverages the GroundWork Growth Methodology to help startups chart the path to growth.
  • Our Accelerator provides a $20K stipend in exchange for 5% equity.
  • We offer an optional $100K equity investment to every team in the Accelerator.
  • 100% of our mentors are experienced founders and investors. In addition to these ‘regular’ mentors, and each team is also assigned two executive mentors who work with every week throughout the entire program.
  • The Accelerator curriculum leverages the GroundWork Growth Methodology to ensure that are positioned to achieve the absolute best outcomes possible.