Startup Haven Scholarship Program


In partnership with our esteemed sponsor, Cooley, Startup Haven is proud to introduce a scholarship program tailored for early-stage startup founders. Our mission is to uplift and support historically marginalized communities by offering them an opportunity to win a Startup Haven membership.

Scholarship Benefits

  • Membership Offer: Successful applicants will either receive a free membership or a 50% discount on their Startup Haven membership.
  • Onboarding Call: A dedicated call with Startup Haven, our sponsor, and the scholarship recipient to understand the winner’s objectives, their venture’s scale, and how we can best support them.
  • Promotion:
    • Press release in collaboration with our sponsor.
    • Feature in the Startup Haven newsletter.
    • Promotion on LinkedIn and Twitter.
    • Networking opportunities and introductions to key industry figures.


  • Frequency: Depending on our sponsors’ preferences, we aim to award 1, 2, or 5 scholarships every month.
  • Criteria:
    • Founders who have raised less than $1 million in venture capital.
    • Incorporated for less than a year.
    • Already have a product in the market.
    • Meet other specific criteria as set by certain sponsors.
  • Deferment: Options for deferment may be available under certain conditions.

Admission & Onboarding

Upon selection, recipients will be:

  • Congratulated and informed about their award.
  • Scheduled for an onboarding call to outline the next steps.
  • Assigned an internal point of contact from our leadership program.
  • Potentially interviewed for a feature on our blog.

Application & Evaluation Process

  • Transparency: Our application process is clear and straightforward, ensuring that all potential applicants understand the requirements and the scarcity of scholarships.
  • Follow-up: All applicants will receive a follow-up within a reasonable timeframe, regardless of the outcome.
  • Award Frequency: Scholarships will be awarded either quarterly, weekly, or monthly.
  • Requirements: To ensure the quality of applications, we will clearly state the prerequisites for applying.


  • For Sponsors: We will provide data on the performance and ROI of the scholarship recipients, aiming to convert these founders into clients for our sponsors.
  • For Recipients: The value of the scholarship will be based on the cost of a year-long Level 2 membership at Startup Haven.


  • We may collaborate with organizations that support founders to source potential applicants.
  • Potential for volume discounts with partner organizations.
  • All partnering organizations must allow us to announce our collaboration.

Membership Criteria

  • All potential applicants must first apply as a free member of Startup Haven.
  • All members must meet the membership criteria of being a full-time venture-scale founder without any conflicts of interest.


We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of our partners and the sensitive information shared during the program.

What Applicants Can Expect 

  1. Selection Process and Prompt Follow up: Understand our transparent and clear evaluation criteria.
  2. Onboarding Call: Schedule a call with our team.
  3. Point of Contact: Get introduced to your dedicated point of contact.
  4. Awardee Engagement: Engage with our team and sponsors.
  5. Press: Get featured and promoted.

Note: Once you apply, you will receive a confirmation with the date the awards will be announced.

For any further queries or clarifications, please contact us.

Startup Haven reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of the scholarship program at any time.