Joining Startup Haven at /Level 1 has been free since 2006. The /Level 2 premium membership is intended to add ‘no-brainer’ value to members who can benefit from more engagement with our community and our partners. Whatever works best for you… we’re here to help.

Note: $300 is the introductory price for /Level 2 membership. The first 100 members who sign up for /Level 2 membership will receive a 2-year pricing guarantee.

/Level 1 (Free)

As a Level 1 member, you’ll have access to all of our core programs and events, including Founders Dinner, Startup Poker 2.0, GroundWork Accelerator, Vouch Recruiting, Investor Match and more.

/Level 2 ($300/year)

As a /Level 2 member, you will gain access to exclusive events, programming and opportunities that take the value of Startup Haven membership to the next level.

/Level 1

  • Full Member Status
  • Level 1 Member Advantage Benefits
  • Level 1 Member to Member Offers
  • Core Event and Program Access
  • Limited Access to Premium Events
  • Basic Member Kit

/Level 2

  • All /Level 1 Benefits
  • Level 2 Member Advantage Benefits
  • Level 2 Member to Member Offers
  • Premium Event and Program Access
  • 5% Vouch Recruiting Discount
  • Priority Seating for Poker 2.0
  • Premium Member Kit
  • 1st 100 /Level 2 member get 2-year pricing guarantee.