LP Hand Raises

As a Startup Haven Fund LP, you will have many opportunities to make additional investments in the vetted early-stage startups the fund invests in. These opportunities will come primarily through pro rata and co-investment and will be offered to LPs on a hand-raise basis. 

Pro Rata

Whenever possible, Startup Haven Fund will seek to acquire pro-rights in it’s investments. When a portfolio company raises a subsequent round, we offer the Fund’s pro rata investment to LPs on a hand-raise basis. 

LPs have a limited time to accept or reject their share of the pro rata allocation. If all of the pro rata allocation is not exercised, then the remaining pro rata is offered to the LPs who opted in to the first hand raise on a relative proportional basis. 

Example: $100k pro rata allocation available. Three LPs want to claim their pro rata share.

  • Xander has a 4% fund position
  • Yolanda has a 10% fund position
  • Zack has a 1% fund position

On first hand raise:

  • Xander takes $4,000 
  • Yolanda takes $10,000
  • Zack takes $1,000

Remaining $85,000 offered proportionally as:

  • Xander may claim a 26.66% option, $22,666.66
  • Yolanda may claim a 66.66% option, $56,666.66
  • Zack may claim a 6.66% option, $5,666.66 

Any unclaimed allocation will be distributed at the discretion of General Partner. 

(This process may be modified from time to time at the discretion of the General Partner.) 



When Startup Haven Fund invests in companies that have additional room in their rounds, we ask for a specific, dedicated allocation for our LPs to make co-investments along side of us. We reserve these priority co-investment allocations for our LPs proportionally, based on each LPs position in the Fund. Each LP is entitled to participate in priority co-investment allocations up 150% of their Fund investment amount, on a first come basis and according to the following rules.

  • LPs will be notified by email of co-investment opportunities.
  • LPs must confirm their commitment within the prescribed time frame. 
  • LPs must invest under the same terms as Startup Haven Fund.
  • LPs investment must meet the company’s minimum check size for the round.

Once an LP reaches the maximum co-investment amount of 150% of their fund commitment, they will no longer be eligible for priority allocations. Once all LPs have reached their limit, the allocations will be reset. However, if any portion of an allocation remains unclaimed then LPs who have exhausted their 150% threshold may opt in for the remaining amount.

(This process may be modified from time to time at the discretion of the General Partner.)