For Investors

There is a lot of noise in the startup investment ecosystem. Startup Haven’s mission is not to create more noise.

So many startups, so many investors, so many sources, so many company stages, so many investment theses, so many sector foci, so many deal terms, and on an on. Some startups are looking for their first $250k angel investment on a convertible note. Some are ready for a $1.2M seed round, perhaps from a coalition of angels and a small fund or two — maybe a priced round, perhaps a convertible note. Others have established their traction, have a cogent story for scaling growth and are ready for Series A/B/C round from institution venture capital investors. LLCs need not apply.

The world doesn’t need another pitch event. We also don’t think the world needs us to create another website for founders to post their pitch decks or another investor CRM. Startup Haven’s contribution to the investment ecosystem can be summarized as “relationships and discovery.”

Our networking events are uniquely designed to expose opportunities and to build relationships. We believe that when an investors meets a founder and learns about their startup in an atmosphere free of expectations and posing, the investor will know if they are interested in learning more and they will engage with the founder.

Our Investor Match program follows the same principle: if an investor finds a company that matches what they are interested in, they will want to engage with the founder to learn more.

We can’t fix all the noise in the investment ecosystem but we’ll do our best to keep the noise down.

Sourcing early-stage startups is part art, part science, and part relationship. As an investor-member of Startup Haven, you’ll will be exposed to hundreds of startups — everyone vetted to be working full time on a venture-scale startup with some elements of traction. Even better, the founders have access to support network of thousands of other serious founders and investors who are there to help… increasing their likelihood of success and reducing their investors’ risk.

As a venture capital fund, your firm likely screens between 300 and 3,000 inbound deal leads each year. You look closely at only a fraction of those and, in then end, you’ll likely invest in less than 2% of those deals… perhaps less than 1%. That’s a lot of noise. Wrong stage, wrong sector, wrong model, wrong traction… wrong founder. Startup Haven looks at deal flow in reverse — you tell us what’s right and we’ll let you know if any of our members fit. Low volume. High quality. No noise.