Partner Offer – Startup Haven Accelerator Teams

Because you are a part of the Startup Haven Accelerator, we agree to defer up to $10,000 of our fees (the “deferred fees”) related to our initial intake work to review your corporate documentation, perform necessary cleanup of the Company’s corporate files and generally prepare you for a next equity financing (the “Initial Corporate Work”).

The “Initial Corporate Work” includes things like confirming the Company’s board of directors was properly composed and all stock was validly issued, fixing any defects related to the formation and capitalization of the Company, and providing form documents such as employee offer letters and consulting agreements. Initial Corporate Work does not include litigation; work related to foreign laws or a foreign subsidiary; work related to intellectual property matters, trademark searches, trademark and patent filings; other regulatory work; and negotiating or drafting commercial contracts.

If the Company is a foreign company that wants to create a U.S. parent company (a “flip”), the Initial Corporate Work will include work required to form the U.S. parent company, but it will not include work related to the foreign company. Deferred fees do not include out of pocket costs (typically filing fees imposed by Secretaries of State).

Any deferred fees will be due and payable immediately upon the earliest of the Company or any spin-off entity from the Company

(i) closing a financing round, in one or more closings, and/or securing other funding (“Financing”) or determining not to complete a Financing,

(ii) any sale or exclusive license of the business or assets of the Company, or

(iii) when the Company ceases to be an active client of the firm or chooses to work with another law firm on corporate matters.

In addition, if the Company utilizes Cooley as its primary corporate counsel including for the Financing, the deferred fees will be written off when all other fees and costs incurred by the Company, including payment of all fees incurred in connection with the Financing, are paid in full.

How to Redeem

Email [email protected] to redeem access to this Accelerator benefit.