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Event Recap: San Francisco, July 2018

We had a wonderful time at 500 Startups! Thanks to our Sponsors, we had another great event! The game was founders vs. investors vs. sponsors - all dueling it out for the winning prizes! It was a tense battle with winner across all 3 groups! I have to say though - the River card will always give you a surprise! Looking forward to our next event, until [...]

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Event Recap: San Diego, July 2018

It’s the final table and it’s down to the final 3. “How many hands are left to go, is this my one?” you think to yourself. You decide to play, not a great hand but winnable, you don’t have many chips left, should I go all in this hand? The Flop leaves you with a pair (high card) so you bet, the chip leader decides [...]

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Featured Member – Christa King, Fitlandia – July 2018

Startup Haven Featured Member: Krista King, Founder and CEO, Fitlandia With more than 1,600 founder and investor members, Startup Haven is a treasure trove of awesome startup stories. Attending Startup Haven events is a great way to meet other founders and investors and to begin building relationships. But getting to a founder or investor's full story is difficult. This week we had the pleasure of [...]

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Event Recap: Los Angeles, June 2018

The June event was a great time. Many continued thanks to Startup Haven member, Amanda Szabo, for generously continuing to host us at the offices of ResortPast. It's a great space and, with the patio door wide open, the coastal breeze drifting through is fantastic. Most of the attendees were first timers and several Mucker companies were among them. That's a big deal for a [...]

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Event Recap: Silicon Valley, June 2018

Silicon Valley Startup Poker’s June event was graciously hosted by Armory in downtown San Mateo. Armory helps your team ship better software, faster. Thanks Armory! And a big thanks, as always, to our sponsors WSGR and Colliers. Your continued support for founders is deeply appreciated. We saw a lot of new faces this month including a couple folks in town from our Seattle chapter, and [...]

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Event Recap: San Diego, June 2018

This month we were back at the Vine! They moved to UTC and are located equally inconveniently for both North County and Downtown founders, however, it’s worth it. The Vine has a tremendous space for founders both for poker or to work out of! We were lucky to have one of the top accelerators in the country in attendance. We almost didn’t make it out [...]

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Startup Haven is Growing Up

Startup Haven was founded in 2006. Almost 12 years later, we have grown to over 1,600 members in six cities and hosting more than 70 events a year. That's almost 40,000 emailed invitations and reminders each year -- a lot to keep track of! Eventbrite invites has served this purpose for years but the deliverability of Eventbrite email invitations stinks. We constantly hear from members who say [...]

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Event Recap: San Francisco, May 2018

Once again, we had an incredible time as 500 Startups hosted us in their amazing San Francisco office. Additionally, without WSGR and Colliers continued support of startup founders, we wouldn’t be able to do this without them! Thank you everyone for your support! Our sponsors ran the tables this evening while everyone watched the Warriors play the Rockets for the NBA Western Conference Finals. With [...]

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Event Recap: Portland, May 2018

  The weather was hot and so was the action at Cloudability this month. Founder CEO Mat Ellis continued his hot streak with a strong second place finish, but in the end, the night belonged to the ladies. Monica Borrell, self proclaimed card shark, brought home the coveted first place coin.     1. Monica Borrell, Cardsmith 2. Mat Ellis, Cloudability 3. Lloyd Benedict, Bruly's

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Event Recap: Los Angeles, May 2018

Another super fun and super productive event this month. We were sorry to hear from our scheduled special guest, Annie Luchsinger from Anthos Capital, that she fell under the weather and couldn't make it. We missed her awesomeness but we will get Annie rescheduled for a future event. Luckily, I ran into Martin Tobias a few hours before the event and he agreed to join [...]

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