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Seattle, October 2014 Recap

Last night was a very special Poker 2.0.  It was my first night as a Co-Host to this incredible community event, and it was also one for the record books in terms of gender diversity.  Bob has been trying to get more women to Poker 2.0 for ages.  With two new female co-hosts in the founding city, and a new zeal for closing the gender [...]

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Seattle, July 2014 Recap

I was so sure that we'd loose a bunch of people this month because of the virtual shutdown of I-90 that I actually removed one of the tables before the event started.  But we defied the odds with a capacity crowd and so I had to have the fifth table brought back out.  Huzzah! Thanks to inspiration from our awesome Poker 2.0 organizers in San Diego, [...]

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San Francisco, June 2014 Event Recap

Thanks to the team at 500 Startups for hosting us in their new SF offices.  They're still unpacking boxes but it's not hard to imagine the great vibe that will be flowing once the first cohort moves in later this summer. It was a great crowd with plenty of regulars and some new faces as well.   The big winner - of pretty much everything [...]

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Why should women founders come to Poker 2.0?

This is a question I've thought a lot about almost since the very beginning of Startup Poker 2.0 more than eight years ago.  I have heard it from many, many women. To be clear, the essence of the question is not "why should I come play a game with other founders?"  The essence of the question I hear is "why should I come play a [...]

Seattle, May 2014 Recap

The views were inspiring from the 75th floor of the Columbia Tower Club.  I really love this venue for poker.   The food was inspiring too -- seriously... the the Columbia Tower Club builds the best cheese plates I've ever seen.  The salmon lasagna and the shrimp something-or-other were top notch as well.  If you're interested in checking out the sweet deal the Club put [...]

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Seattle, April 2014 Recap

It was good to be back at SURF Incubator this month.  Thanks to SURF's founder, Seaton Gras, for supporting Startup Poker 2.0.  And congrats, Seaton, on your nomination for this year's GeekWire Geek of the Year! The pre-event mingle was classic Poker 2.0 -- dozens of entrepreneurs and investors schmoozing it up big time.  Don't get me wrong... I love playing poker with this crowd. [...]

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San Francisco, April 2014 Event Recap

 We were back at Mattermark HQ in the Mission again this month, with four full tables of 32 players!  It was hard not to notice that Team Mattermark is quickly expanding to fill their space -- which is awesome.   But a few more headcount and we'll be playing poker in the hallways. I blame myself for being too distracted at the beginning of the [...]

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Seattle, March 2014 Recap

We were back at the Tower Club this month.  The views from the 75th floor of the Columbia Tower never cease to awe.  The food is certainly a great upgrade as well. We were over subscribed on four tables and the rebuys were on the high end of aggressive... so we ended up with a pot on the high end too.  And since all three [...]

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SF Launch Event Recap

Last night, for the first time ever, 30 San Francisco startup founders, execs and investors sat around poker tables and had a blast.  I was blown away by the caliber and character of the attendees and the vibe was awesome. Best of all, I saw the same magic I see at every Poker 2.0: serious founders and investors connecting personally and professionally with their peers. [...]

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Seattle, February 2014 Event Recap

Our good friends at SURF Incubator welcomed us back this month -- thanks Seaton and Neil!  And we welcomed back the awesome Thai food from Mae Phim that had been a staple of Poker 2.0 for years and years.  We tought we'd try some other catering options to mediocre effect -- what were we thinking?! Thaks also to our long-time sponsor, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & [...]

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