I’ve had a knot in my stomach every day for two weeks.  Occasionally, like now, the emotions are overwhelming. ‘Verklempt’, I believe, is the word.

Startups are hard. Even in the best of times. These are not the best of times.

Every day I hear from startup friends about the challenges and hardships they are facing. For many of them, it feels existential… because it is.

I know these challenges. I lived these hardships during the 2008 economic crisis. My startup couldn’t raise capital. Our runway dried up. We ‘couldn’t’ shut down the company. We had employees, users, customers, investors… pride. We went from 20 employees to 3.

My average salary for the several years prior was about $3/hour. It would be zero for the foreseeable future. I sat in my car outside a food bank with my head in my hands, afraid and ashamed to go in. I had young kids. They needed to eat.

At the time, I had a thought about how startups who were impacted less could hire founders who were impacted more — a part-time gig to help fill the gap. I wasn’t in a position to implement it then. Now I am.

It’s called Gap Gigs.

If you are a founder who can benefit from a gap gig or a startup who can benefit from the help of a talented founder, I hope this helps.

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