Happy New Year!! We started off a little later than normal this month thinking you were in the hustle of the new year— were we right or would you rather jump right in to it? Let us know!

After months of changing it up, it was delicious having Thai food amongst friends hosted up at HouseCall Pro this month. How lucky are we to get to see yet another San Diego Success pushing 3 different offices in the space over 180 employees, and we were lucky enough to get to play with 2 of their executives. Not sure what time the conversations ended, there is a lot to learn in this room! But the winners were right on schedule with Derek coming in first, Tim second —(after coming back from getting take out on your first hand I believe?) Mike whose “first time” coming in 3rd and had so much fun might be a host some time soon and Brian in 4th taking home money too! Don’t forget it’s a new year with a new league sign out sheet!!! Take note of your order if it’s not 1,2 or 3 and make sure to check out with Daniel or Emily if you want to be in the running for XYZ…..

See you all next month February 12th!