The Portland chapter results for the 2018 Startup Poker 2.0 League Championship are in. Big congratulations to this year’s SD member winner, Christa King, who finished with 20.6 points. It’s worth noting that five of the top six players all played in 4 or more events and three of the top six played in 6 or more events. Remember, only your top three results count toward your league score so the more you play the more chance you’ll improve your results by bettering a previous finish. The entire leader board is below.

It took us a while to get the championship medallions finished but they were worth wait. Here’s what makes this medallion special:

  • 2oz of solid .999 silver.
  • 14 karat gold plated
  • Encrusted with 1 full caret of genuine lab-grown diamonds
  • Marked with the city and the year (reverse side)


2018 Portland League Leader Board

Name League Points
Christa King 20.6
Lloyd Benedict 18.275
Joe Barrett 15.575
Brandon Cannady 15.175
Jake Christensen 14.55
Mat Ellis 12.5
Jon Wu 9.8
Jae Shin 8.6
Joshua Young 8.55
Marty Nelson 8.55
Michelle Judson 7
Chris Weitz 6.525
Vlad Nester 6.3
Kevin L 6.175
Cliff Degroot 5.925
Vitaliy Rizhkov 5.85
Owen Hurd 5.7
Josh Carter 5.65
Leon Simson 5.625
Mark Grimes 5.575
Monica Borrell 5.35
Drew Anderson 5.225
Eric Boothe 5.075
Rebecca Alexander 4.5
Adam Borgens 3.975
Idith Moskovitz 3.85
Shaun Parkman 3.7
Nick Lawson 3.6
Peter Blanchard 3.5
Jason Tums 3.3
Alex Zehabach 3.025
Dan Warner 2.75
Erik Gordon 2.7
Drew Edwards 2.45
Matthew. Weitz 2.4
Drew Andrews 2.2
Ryan Blackwood 2.2
Ido Moskovits 2.1
Chad Huber 1.675
Shannon Hulbert 1.65
Jo Wollschlaeger 1.5
Scott Tran 1.35
Pat Cheyun 1.2
Chris Wees 1.1
David Heller 0.9
Erin Quinn 0.7
Eric Hulbert 0.55
Oz 0.55
Jack Tran 0.45
Thubten Comerford 0.275

How League Points are Determined

League points are determined by each member’s three highest finishes, adjusted by the number of players in each event. Since the maximum players is 40, the formula for determining win value is the reverse-place finish times the number of players divided by 40. For example, a 5th place finish in a 16-person event is worth 4.8 points, e.g., (165+1) * (16/40). Alternatively, a 5th place finish in a 32-person event is worth 32.4 points. 

In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by the total number of points earned, including all finishes… not just their top three finishes.