We missed a lot of you this month at Founders Poker, but a committed bunch made the trek up to Carlsbad for a North County game. We host a game in North County once a quarter to ensure we are including the entire community. If you’re in the downtown area we highly suggest finding some car pool buddies and joining us for the next one. If for no other reason than Planning Center’s office space. Kid you not it is #goals. It’s a total nerd playroom with duck hunter, pool, pingpong we even engraved Daniel’s laptop with his logo. Oh yeah and we played poker!! After a delicious Italian meal family style. The winners this month were the ladies and Chris! Sara Cox taking First, Emily Rotolo taking Second and Chris Isaacson taking Third!

See you next month at Desk Hub in Little Italy as we finish up this year in Founders Poker!! Don’t forget your phone sticker and to enter your name in the league sign up sheet…. you think the winning coins are cool just wait until you see what the league winner will receive!