Big thanks to Downtown Works for Hosting us this month and for Morgan joining in on the fun, and learning she loves poker!

We had some new comers this month that took first and second — We are telling you—beginners luck is a thing!! So stop saying “you don’t know how to play” we are a super friendly bunch where poker and $270 at the end of the night to the winner is just an added bonus. In the past 6 months we’ve had new founders joining in every month expanding out Startup network! Keep it coming!

Next month is a time for the North Country founders to bring in some new blood as we’ll be up at the ridiculous offices of Planning Center — It’s worth coming just to see something to strive for.






Pass along the application here: and we’ll see you on the 11th!


Our winners:

  • Spencer – EntraPoint
  • Nick – BLKBOX
  • Matt – StrengthPortal