Poker was hosted this month at the lovely Hera Hub in Sorrento Valley with special guest Silvia Mah! I think we all walked away from last night wondering just how does Silvia do everything she does. San Diego and the world is so lucky to have individuals like her, from angel investing, proving her father wrong, volunteering abroad and instilling those values in her children, creating a safe space for new businesses with Hera Labs, expanding the accelerator reach in San Diego with Ad Astra and so so much more! Thank you for joining us Silvia and we hope you’ll come back for more poker!

We had a packed house last night with 3 strong tables, one kept producing straight after straight and another was giving the card you needed (or didn’t want) at the River. It was not a dull night!

There were also a lot of new faces at the tables! And some we haven’t seen in a while! Shout out to Derek, joining us from Canada/Australia, Will coming down from the Bay, Lolita joining Backstage Capital and starting off in San Diego with a core of community and quest to connect the divided “North County/Downtown” and everything in between.

A few months ago we had Ryan Kudar from Techstars as our Special Guest, and we hope Lolita will continue to join us and be a guest to founders poker! But in the mean time they have set up a SUPER casual coffee (Signup: for all those in North County if you wanted to join. And then just a good reminder which could help us get more founders to Poker— is to check out the San Diego Slack Channel. (

Enough of a San Diego Plug — Now what you really care about — Who won—

The final table was lively but it came down Steve Brent, Chris Memmott, and for the first time in a while… a sponsor. (Don’t worry he got third) With Steve taking first and Chris continuously cleaning up coins. I’d bet he has the most in SD at this point. See you all next month at Downtown Works!