It’s the final table and it’s down to the final 3.
“How many hands are left to go, is this my one?” you think to yourself.

You decide to play, not a great hand but winnable, you don’t have many chips left, should I go all in this hand?

The Flop leaves you with a pair (high card) so you bet, the chip leader decides to call.

After the turn your comfortable with your two pair, and confident that he’s playing with nothing, but because he can, so you go all in.

Sure enough he had nothing.

Then the River. A heart is turned.

Feeling defeated he throws in his cards and starts to push a small amount of his chips in your direction and it’s looking like you just doubled up! (Nicely done!)

Except— that final card gave him a flush and you are the only one who notices. What do you do?

Well last night, Sara told Matt to turn his cards back over, gave him the flush and took third place.

  • 1st: Matt Goldman, Churn Buster
  • 2nd: Matt McGunagle, StrengthPortal
  • 3rd: Sara Cox, Startup San Diego