The June event was a great time. Many continued thanks to Startup Haven member, Amanda Szabo, for generously continuing to host us at the offices of ResortPast. It’s a great space and, with the patio door wide open, the coastal breeze drifting through is fantastic.

Most of the attendees were first timers and several Mucker companies were among them. That’s a big deal for a new and growing group — word is spreading. Regular Startup Haven event attendees know that we have a tradition of affixing a Startup Haven or Startup Poker 2.0 sticker to the back of your phone. Sure, we bribe everyone with an offer of a bonus chip for the tournament for putting it on; but I also know that those stickers are a point of pride for most and they keep those stickers on even when it’s many months between visits. I saw one sticker recently that was faded like a favorite pair of jeans because it had been on the phone since we started the tradition five years ago. That’s humbling. And I look forward to a time when hundreds of LA founders and investors are running around town with Startup Haven stickers. If you ever see a sticker on a phone and you don’t know the person. you should step up and introduce yourself as a fellow Startup Haven member and see if there’s anything you can do to help them.

  • 1st: Trent Revic, Co-Founder/COO, LotStocks
  • 2nd: Lev Filimonov, Founder, CHECK-N
  • 3rd: Ali Balaban, CEO, CHECK-N
  • 4th: Bob Crimmins, Co-Founder, WiseWalker
  • 5th: Alex Maleckiy, Octogin
  • 6th: Alexis Kamin, Account Exec, ResortPass
  • 7th: Patrick Pettay, Co-Founder, Melody