Silicon Valley Startup Poker’s June event was graciously hosted by Armory in downtown San Mateo. Armory helps your team ship better software, faster. Thanks Armory! And a big thanks, as always, to our sponsors WSGR and Colliers. Your continued support for founders is deeply appreciated.

We saw a lot of new faces this month including a couple folks in town from our Seattle chapter, and the diverse crowd brought an impressive breadth of discussion. We covered everything from particulate matter in home cooking (pro-tip from chapter director Will: run your stove vent at full blast), best practices for rendering ML results in pitch decks, pun censorship in China, the mechanics of the human heartbeat, to some of the finer points of watch collecting.

Now, for better or worse, as a founder, your work tends to follow you around. For Bruno, tonight was no exception, but despite being tethered to his laptop and colleagues in Japan for the second half of the tourney, he took home the win. Very impressive! Congrats Bruno.

Congrats to all our winners:
1. Bruno F.
2. Alex S.
3. Eric K.

Hope to see you all again at next month’s Silicon Valley Startup Poker!

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