April marks our third official Startup Haven Founders Dinner and Poker 2.0 event. At 12 attendees, the event was still ‘intimate’. But 12 represents a 3x increase over our launch event in January… a great result and a sign that we are fulfilling our mission. What mission? Well, 12 attendees means 12 x 12 opportunities to make a valuable connection — get help, give help, build a real relationship. That’s why we’re here.

We’re also here to feed you all, and we take that part seriously. In case you didn’t know, Startup Haven has a ‘no pizza rule’; this month that meant Thai food — and it was amazing. We’ll keep that going for a while.

12 also means a completely full poker table. In fact, it it weren’t for two attendees getting caught up in one of the most awesome types of conversations that happen at Startup Haven events, we would have had 2018-04-24 21.35.02to break into two tables. Of course, “what happens at Poker 2.0 stays at Poker 2.0” and so I can’t tell you anything about the conversation. Just know that it was a perfect example of what happens at Startup Haven events.

Special thanks to Amanda Szabo, founder/CEO of Resort Pass, for hosting us at their bad ass new Santa Monica offices.

Special shout out also to our 1st place winner, Mark Okoh. Before Poker 2.0, Mark had played essentially zero poker hands. But he paid attention, asked for help and three games later… he ran the table. This is a perfect example of why even utter beginners should not be scared away from hanging out after dinner and trying their hand at this amazing game.

  • 1st: Mark Okoh, On Your Frequency
  • 2nd: Bob Crimmins, Wise Walker
  • 3rd: Amanda Szabo, Resort Pass