San Fran 1 - 01.16.18THANK YOU to 500 Startups and all our sponsors for the venue, food, drink, and prizes! We kicked off 2018 in style, and are looking forward to all of our future events! The night was full of great networking, food, and beverages! We introduced the new Startup Haven poker set and League Games – everyone who attended is already one step ahead.

San Fran 2 - 01.16.18There were quite a few first timers as well, and we all definitely had a blast! As always, Ariya showcased his DJ skills with a great playlist and Eugene talked up Blockchain, but the theme of the night – “Triples win again”… there were countless hands that were won a set of 8s, 9s, 10s, and As…. they always say – Good Things Come in Threes!

Our winners were:
1st: Kellam Nelson
2nd: Cory Bray
3rd: Syred Usaman

Thanks to all who joined us. Hope to see you all and some new faces next month!