2016 is off to a fantastic start with a capacity crowd and the biggest pot ever for a regular monthly event. We also had a solid turnout of women entrepreneurs and investors, representing ~13% of the players. Let’s grow that number.winners

The Glympse office space is truly awesome and a great layout for big poker games.  Glypmse CEO, Bryan Trussel, was kind to host us in the first place, but showed questionable judgement by inviting us back again.  We’ll take him up on that offer.  Thanks also to Bryan for sharing some of the story of his journey as a startup entrepreneur and the small role that Poker 2.0 played early in that journey.

A couple of things stood out for me this month.  First, the quality of the asks and offers made during player announcements just keeps getting better and better and the number of players taking the opportunity gives me confidence that we’re making a difference.  Also, the stories I heard about the connections that were facilitated by Poker 2.0 over the years was truly humbling.

As you can see below, I made the mistake of not writing down the places everyone finished.  If you see your name in the list or you know what place someone else finished, let me know.  In no particular order…

  • 1st: James Kimmel, Founder/CEO, Epic Seats
  • 2nd: Hermann Calabria, CEO/Founder, Diamond Review
  • 3rd: Shaheed Khan, Founder/CEO, Olivers Pet Care
  • 4th: James Gannon, Associate, WSGR
  • 6th: Melissa Albert, CMO, Tousled.me
  • Maurice Mills
  • Eugene Hsu, PD at Digital Photography (Amazon)
  • 8th: Joe Barrett, Co-Founder/President, OMNI Retail Group

Thanks to official Poker 2.0 photographer, Eugene Hsu, we’ve got a bunch of great pics of the event.  You might just find a picture of your own mug in the event photo gallery.

Play on!


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