It was a fantastic experience to be back at Cloudability and to have the inoperable ​Mat Elis, CEO of Cloudability, there and participating in the tournament. They were showing off their new space which they have recently expanded into, taking over the 2nd floor of their long-standing headquarters in Downtown Portland.

At this months event we had a very special prize for the winner. In addition to a stack of money, they also got a very special, gold plated deck of playing cards. These weren’t toys but rather real gold with certificate to prove it. It’s an incredible way for players to show off their  accomplishments at this unique event.​

Salih Waritu, a long time supporter of Startup Poker was in town from San Francisco joined us and walked away with 3rd place. The heads-up competition at the end was heated with both players fighting for those GOLD playing card but in the end Zach Kay ended up with 2nd Place, and Tyler Phillipi won the gold! The only odd part was that Tyler won the last hand with two golden Aces, but that’s the benefit of being an organizer 😉
  Nov 2015 1CrazyEyes