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I was so sure that we’d loose a bunch of people this month because of the virtual shutdown of I-90 that I actually removed one of the tables before the event started.  But we defied the odds with a capacity crowd and so I had to have the fifth table brought back out.  Huzzah!

Thanks to inspiration from our awesome Poker 2.0 organizers in San Diego, Shawn and Bryan, we assigned everyone to a new random table after the second round of blinds were done.  The increases everyone luck surface area but exposing them to a new set of players.  We’ll need to smooth out the transition and the randomization process but it worked great and the resounding response was “keep doing it”… so we will.

I feel like I should stop bragging about the Columbia Tower Club but they’ve been such an awesome supporter of Poker 2.0.  The food, the views, the 

2014-07-24 19.30.03

service… all perfect.  We’re gonna keep playing there as long as they continue to invite us back.  (Note to self: find better lighting to take the winners pic.)  

For those interested, here’s the link to info on the deal that the Club put together exclusively for Startup Haven members.


Thanks to our sponsors, without whom this community of founders and investors would not be possible:

  • Wilson Sonsini
  • Colliers International
  • 2014-07-24 19.30.22Columbia Tower Club

If you’re in the need of a top notch legal team, a sweet office space or an inspiring place to hang out and work, look them up.

2014-07-24 19.30.36Here’s how it all went down in the winner’s circle….

Small-dog Pot Winners:

1st) Kevin Leneway, Founder, Haiku Deck
2nd) Herman Calabria, Founder
3rd) Tony Ford, Colliers
4th) Richard Wood, First Hill Partners
5th) Lew McMurran, Principle, McMurran Ent.
2014-07-24 23.17.276th) Ryan Rwaliany, Founder, KitchenBowl
7th) Chris Bradbury, Angel Investor

Big-dog Pot Winners:

1st) Herman Calabria, Founder, NewCo
2nd) Tony Ford, Colliers
3rd) 4th) Richard Wood, First Hill Partners
4th) Lew McMurran, Principle, McMurran Ent.