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We were back at the Tower Club this month.  The views from the 75th floor of the Columbia Tower never cease to awe.  The food is certainly a great upgrade as well.

We were over subscribed on four tables and the rebuys were on the high end of aggressive… so we ended up with a pot on the high end too.  And since all three of the big pot players placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the regular pot (this was a first) they each took home a small seed round of funding.

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The Tower Club has become a terrific partner to Sartup Haven and a generous host of Poker 2.0.  I’m really starting to really love playing poker on top of the world… or at least the top of Seattle. I’ve been working with them for two months on a special membership package that makes joining an exclusive private club within reach of even a boot strapping startup founder.

I ran some numbers and best I can tell, if you join under this Startup Haven program and use all of the the Club benefits, then you stand to make about $400 per month.  Seriously, check out the details here.  The prime downtown parking benefit alone is worth a couple hundred bucks; add all the free food and beverages and your on your way.  You gotta be a Startup Haven member or sponsor to take advantage of the program.  More to come on other benefits that we’re working on for the startup founder community.

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Here’s how it all went down….

Small-dog Pot:

1st) Chris Bradbury, Angel Investor
2nd) Giri Sreenivas, Founder, Mobilisafe
3rd) Erik Jansen, Founder, JRNB, Inc.
4th) CK Wang, Founder, Kooapps
5th) Travis Thurber, Founder, DashDine
6th) Herman Calabria, Founder, UserNest
7th) Isaac Nichols, Founder, GridForce
8th) Mike Saffitz, Founder/CIO, Apptentive

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Big-dog Pot

1st) Chris Bradbury, Angel Investor
2nd) Giri Sreenivas, Founder, Rapid7
3rd) Erik Jansen, Founder, JRNB, Inc.