Don Dodge wrote a piece back in November on the analogies between the startup entrepreneur’s mentality and the poker player’s mentality.  I think it’s especially relevant when you consider that most successful entrepreneurs end up being serial entrepreneurs.  As I wrote for GeekWire last month, I believe it’s useful to think like a serial entrepreneur… even if you aren’t one yet.  In this light, each company and each decision in the career of an entrepreneur is akin to each poker hand and each poker game you play in.

The measure of success is not an individual poker hand or tournament a poker player plays, or even a series of them.  Rather, success in poker is only measurable when you consider the lifetime record of the player.  Similarly, the success of an entrepreneur cannot be measured by the outcome of any one decision or any one company.  And in both cases, best of the best learn something from each hand/decision and each company/tournament.

As participants in Poker 2.0 know, poker also turns out to be a powerful way to connect with other entrepreneurs in a way that builds deep and lasting relationships.

See you at the tables!