The March 24th Poker 2.0 event is going to be a special treat because we’ll have Andy Sack and Kayla Roarke from TechStars on hand to share TechStars Seattledetails and answer questions about the Fall 2011 program.  If you’re already planning to apply for the Fall TechStars Seattle program then you probably already know that applications will be accepted beginning Monday, March 21st.  If you’re not sure if TechStars is a good fit for your or you just haven’t decided whether to apply then this will be a terrific opportunity to get all your questions answered directly from the figurative horses’ mouths… Andy and Kayla.  We’re bringing in extra food and drink and opening up the event to more attendees than usual this time just so that more folks will have a chance to learn about TechStars.

If you’ve already RSVP’d for the event then your golden.  If you missed out on the first round of invitations then watch your inbox for the next round!