Startup Haven Recruiting Program

The Startup Haven recruiting program allows member companies to find and hire high-quality candidates who understand what it means to work at a startup and at a cost far below market rates.  The program strives to be transparent in all respects and to seek only the best fit between job candidates and Startup Haven companies.

How it Works for Companies:

  • Startup Haven members and partners submit high-quality candidates that they personally vouch for.
  • Your Startup Haven member company receives notifications when new candidates are submitted.
  • After reviewing a candidates resume and other information, your company may request a direct introduction to the candidate.
  • Startup Haven notifies the candidate of the introduction request. If the candidate accepts the request then Startup Haven will make a direct email introduction between the candidate and your company.
  • If your company hires a candidate then you pay Startup Haven a below-market service charge, based on the candidate’s year-one compensation and the total amount of funding raised or annual revenue generated by your company:
    • $0 – $250k => 3%
    • $250k – $500k => 6%
    • $500k – $1M => 9%
    • $1M – $2M = >12%
    • $2M+ => 15%
  • On a case by case basis, Startup Haven may agree to accept equity in lieu of a portion of the service charge.
  • Service charges are due within 10 days after of the candidate’s start date and Startup Haven provides a 60-day, full refund guarantee for all candidates.

How it Works for Candidates:

  • All Startup Haven recruiting program candidates must be personally vouched for by the Startup Haven member or partner submitting the candidate. See below for more on what it mean to “vouch” for a candidate.
  • When a Startup Haven member personally submits a candidate, that member receives a percentage of the service fee that Startup Haven receives.
  • Startup Haven personally contacts the candidate on your behalf. If the candidate accepts the terms of conditions of the Startup Haven recruiting program, then we ask the candidate to provide a resume and other useful personal information to help companies understand if the candidate might be a fit.
  • We notify the candidate when a company expresses interest. If a candidate agrees to accept an introduction, then Startup Haven makes a direct email introduction between the candidate and the company.

What it Means to Vouch for a Candidate:

All candidates submitted to the Startup Haven recruiting program must be personally vouched for by a Startup Haven member or partner. Vouching means giving your informed, considered and personal recommendation and signifies that you would be willing to hire the candidate yourself, without hesitation, into an appropriate role. You’re not guaranteeing that the candidate will be a good fit for any particular position or company; you are only affirming that, based on your personal experience with the candidate, s/he is worthy of strong consideration.

  • “Informed” means that you have direct and relevant experience with the candidate. In order to sufficiently vouch for a candidate, one of the following should be true:
    • You have worked with directly with candidate.
    • You have thoroughly interviewed the candidate and vetted the candidate’s work history and references.
  • “Considered” means that you believe the candidate understands and could thrive in a startup environment, i.e., you believe the candidate to be:
    • Exceptionally effective at their core skills, given their experience level.
    • Excited about the prospect of working at a startup, including the potential for hard parts, i.e., ambiguity, risk and commitment to contributing to culture.
    • Possessing traits you consider conducive to working in a startup environment, e.g., resourceful, creative, team player, good communicator, “get it done” attitude, capable of self direction, etc.
  • “Personal” mean that you are confident enough in your recommendation that you agree to be considered a reference for the candidate, including possibly accepting a reference call from the hiring company to share your experiences with the candidate.

If a candidate that you vouched for gets hired then you receive a percentage of the service fee that Startup Haven receives. You may choose between 10% of the service fee in cash or a 30% discount applied to the service fee if you recruit a candidate through the Startup Haven recruiting program.