For the first 15 years of Startup Haven, we didn’t have much you could pay for. Membership was free. Events were free. Even our Founders Dinner and Startup Poker 2.0 events were free.

These things are all still free. But as membership has grown and as we’ve launched new programs, we’ve created a rock we could no longer lift — all the tech and humans it takes to pull it off is not free.

So we’re introducing a new Level 2 membership. The Level 2 Membership is intended to add ‘no-brainer’ value to members who can benefit from additional support from the community, our partners and the Startup Haven team.

Here’s a breakdown of both levels.

Level 1 – FREE

  • – Community Membership
    • Belonging to the Startup Haven community is special. When you join Startup Haven you’re joining a community of venture-scale startup founders and investors who understand the startup experience and who want to help — no lawyers, no bankers, no recruiters, no wantrapreneurs.

  •  – Ask & Offer
    • The Ask & Offer platform allows members can leverage this amazing community in a simple and efficient way.

  • – Vouch (Recruiting)
    • Recruiting the THE hardest aspect of building and growing a venture-scale company. Startup Haven’s Vouch Recruiting program leverages our members’ professional networks to recruit great candidates at ridiculously low cost.

  • – Partner Credits
    • Startup Haven’s approach to vetting all new members gives us unique leverage with partners who would normally only provide their best offers to top tier accelerator program and VC portfolios. In some cases, the offers they provide you are even better.

  • – Member Offers
    • With over 2,000 founder members representing more than 1,000 startup companies, there are a lot of solutions and a lot of founders who can help other founders but offering insider deals to other members.

  • – Member Briefs
    • There’s virtually no startup topic, challenge or experience that some Startup Haven member hasn’t experienced. Member Brief events bring the knowledge and experience of our member to everyone.

  • – Lunch & Learns
    • The same partners who are proving our members with their best offers are also proving value-add education and content though these online events.

  • – Members-only Chapter Events
    • Definitely the most fun you’ll ever have at an in-person startup event. Founders Dinner events have a no-pizza rule and since the room is packed with founder and investor members, you’ll want to have a conversation with everyone.  Startup Poker 2.0 events are so much fun that, once you try one, you’ll be planning your travel calendar to make sure you never miss one.

Level 2 – $399/Year

  • – All Level 1 Benefits

  • – Premium Partner Credits
    • Some partners are willing to go the extra mile.

  • – Provide Member Offer
    • If you’re startup has a product or service that Startup Haven members could benefit from, Level 2 membership allows you to propose a special offer to your fellow members.

  • – Discount on Vouch (Recruiting)
    • Vouch is already the highest quality and lowest cost way to find great candidates. But Level 2 member get even greater savings.

  • – Investor Office Hours
    • Get one-on-one time with a Startup Haven investor member for pitch practice, deck review, business advice, etc.

  • – Mentor Office Hours
    • Get matched with a Startup Haven members who can help you learn, solve or cope.

  • – Group Pitch Deck Reviews
    • There’s no better way to improve your pitch than to deliver it to experienced founders and investors. And watching another founder pitch and get constructive feedback is almost as good. These online events do both.

  • – 25% Discount on Merch 
    • If you’re feelin’ the love and you want to express your pride, Startup Haven gear is a great way to do that. Level 2 members get the insiders price.