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Event Recap: Seattle, September 2018

We were back at the Columbia Tower Club for another great Startup Poker event on a beautiful sunny evening. We kicked off by having Grant Goodale, Founder and CEO of Convoy, share many lessons into how he and his founders focused tremendously on validation. Bob introduced a new concept in which he provided poker tips and drawing similarities to startup lessons.   1st: Zac Cohn, [...]

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Poker: “Wax On, Wax Off” for Startup Founders

Poker is an fascinating game. Most of the time you spend at a poker table is waiting for your next hand to start. This pace gives everyone at the table plenty of opportunity to get to know each other. Occasional big pots, bad beats and good natured trash talking create shared experiences and inflection points where real relationships are forged. Hard to imagine playing poker [...]

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Event Recap: Portland, September 2018

The Fall season got off to a great start down at Cloudability. The night started right, with some delicious tamales that were remarkably hard to unwrap. The action was hot, and that pot waiting for the winners at the final table was huge. Portland Startup Poker's Fall season is proving to be the best one yet. Winners: 1st: Christa King 2nd: Jae Shin 3rd: Lloyd [...]

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Event Recap: Silicon Valley, September 2018

This month, we were hosted by Nordic Innovation House in downtown Palo Alto, a wonderful little hub for Nordic startups laying their roots in Silicon Valley. Thank you for hosting us! And as always, a big thank you to our sponsors, WSGR and Colliers, for their continued support. Your dedication to founders is deeply appreciated. We had a mix of regulars and new faces, including [...]

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Event Recap: San Diego, September 2018

Big thanks to Downtown Works for Hosting us this month and for Morgan joining in on the fun, and learning she loves poker! We had some new comers this month that took first and second — We are telling you—beginners luck is a thing!! So stop saying “you don’t know how to play” we are a super friendly bunch where poker and $270 at the end of the night [...]

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Event Recap: Seattle, August 2018

There is no better place to spend the dog days of summer than in Seattle -- better yet, on the shores of Lake Union. Even more better, hanging out, eating good food, drinking cold beer and playing cards with the best startup networking crowd ever... along the shores of Lake Union. Specifically, we were hosted by Peter Chee and his team at ThinkSpace. What a [...]

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Event Recap: Silicon Valley, August 2018

Our August edition of Startup Poker Silicon Valley was hosted, once again, in Armory's beautiful office in downtown San Mateo. Thank you, Armory! And thanks to WSGR and Colliers, as always, for their continued support of startup founders. Conversation this evening covered the usual broad range of startup topics, but also a surprising number of extracurriculars. The night ended with most attendees agreeing to join [...]

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Event Recap: Seattle, July 2018

Think Space is now officially a favorite spot to host Startup Haven events... especially in the summer time. The event space is at water level on Lake Union, literally two steps across the dock to jump on a paddle board -- Think Space now owns two such boards that members can use to get some sunshine and some exercise. Think Space founder and sponsor, Peter [...]

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Event Recap: San Diego, August 2018

Poker was hosted this month at the lovely Hera Hub in Sorrento Valley with special guest Silvia Mah! I think we all walked away from last night wondering just how does Silvia do everything she does. San Diego and the world is so lucky to have individuals like her, from angel investing, proving her father wrong, volunteering abroad and instilling those values in her children, [...]

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Featured Member – Anil Kumar, RXHomeTest – August 2018

This month we had the great pleasure of interviewing Anil Kumar, Founder of RXHomeTest. Anil is a first time founder, but he is incredibly dedicated to making his startup soar. It is refreshing to hear the voice of someone newer to the startup world and it brings back so many memories, both good and bad, of what it was like to found a company for [...]

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