Our May edition of Founders Poker was hosted at Armory’s downtown San Mateo office. Thanks Armory! And thanks, as always, to our sponsors WSGR and Colliers. We appreciate all that you do for founders.
We had a full house this evening, and a lot of new faces. The great energy was a proper send off for one of our favorite venues, as Armory is moving into bigger digs this summer. (And we’re going with them! Stay tuned for the new address…)
Congrats to Ravi, a repeat winner, and now the official “Guy to Beat” in June 😉
          See everyone next time!
          Congrats to all or winners:
  • 1st: Ravi Vangapalli, ASCIINEST
  • 2nd: Bradon Owens, Crewship
  • 3rd: Ravi Makadia, Opera Event
  • 4th Ariya Hemati, Wells Fargo