Our June edition of Founders Poker was hosted at Founders Institute in Palo Alto. Thanks to Adeo and the FI team for being such wonderful hosts! And thanks to our sponsors, WSGR and Colliers, for their enduring support for founders everywhere.
Despite a case of laryngitis (which really just created additional dramatic effect), Adeo opened the event with a warm welcome to the very first Founders Poker hosted by Founders Institute.
The back patio was perfectly equipped with picnic tables, hanging lights, and lawn games, and the weather couldn’t have been better for an evening of poker under the stars. We are hoping to be back soon!
Congrats to Fahad for taking home the win this month!
          Congrats to all our winners:
  • 1st: Fahad Jalal, Chowmill
  • 2nd Bryan Do, Karakul
  • 3rd Eugene Otto, Endless Nameless
  • 4th Ravi Vangapalli