Our February game was so popular, it was almost like we had a poker celebrity headlining the event. And we did! Chatbox founder and former poker pro, Phil Gordon, swung by on his way to SaaSter, and gave an awesome talk about how to apply lessons from poker to startups and vice versa. And for everyone who showed up for their shot at the crown, he put on a clinic 🙂

First place went to newcomer Alexandra who showed us that combining equal parts chess savvy and trash talk gets you pretty far in a poker tourney. Startup Haven Chapter Director, Will, had the distinction of knocking out Phil with his AK holding up to Phil’s AQ in a hand that was a nail-biter down to the river. Our gratitude to Phil for showing us a good time, and for dealing the rest of the night.

A huge thanks to 500 Startups for hosting us once again in their downtown SF office. Thanks also to our sponsors, WSGR and Colliers (and a happy birthday to Kellam!) for their continued support. We couldn’t do this without you.

  • 1st: Alexandra Botez, FameGame
  • 2nd: Bob Crimmins, Wise Walker
  • 3rd: Patrick Giblin, Jason’s Unicorn Blessin